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J for Just Once

Just for once
Make me feel that
You need me,
Not just for today or tomorrow
But for everyday,
Not just when you are alone
But even when you are surrounded by your friends,
Not when you are hit
But also when you want to calmly sit,
Not only when you are fighting with your inferiorities
But also when you are strong with your superiorities,
I will always be there for you whenever you need me
Bcz my frndshp and love is beyond the needs.

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I for Insight

Everyone expects me to have a good insight
Insight of everything and anything
But no one looks inside me to see my pain
It is just becoming more and more day by day
No one is bothered about my emotions
No one sees my eyes ocean
Yes I do over-thinking
Since no one cares that I am sinking
They just want me to be accurate and understanding
I am doing the same hiding my scars
As everyone is just ready to put salt on them
People say sorry and think that its fine
Yaa thats great as none of you is mine

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Little difference is between saying bye and good-bye
Changes the whole of your sky,
I will always remember the time spent with you
Time went on moving and so were you,
We used to laugh loud and shout
We will ever be apart no one had this doubt,
Goodbyes are never so long
And they remain always in our heart like a beautiful song,
The moments of joy and the moments of cry
Will now be a forever spy,
I will be no more there to listen to your songs
As you will be busy singing them with someone along,
With who will I share all my feelings
As for you my feelings were just a dealing,
I wishes to give fragrance in your life
You found someone else as to fit in your profile,
I was trying to be the fire for you in the coolest of the winters
But you found your warmth in someone's else grip,
I promise to be there when you need me
But won't force you now to please me,
I am saying you my last bye
I just wished you would have stopped me to say you GOOD-BYE...

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H For Heaven

The address of God is Heaven
Everyone wants to visit there
But no one wants to die
Is there any other way to reach so high?
No one has been there and came back
We all just create stories and put it in sack
What is heaven what is hell
Both are just in our mind’s shell
We can create heaven anywhere
Just by spreading happiness there
God resides where people give and take smile

And make everyone to get free from their exile.
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Rape Accussed- Burn Candles or Burn Nation..Decide Now

When a rape accussed is not arrested, we burn candles and march.
When a rape accussed is arrested, we burn the nation.

India being a land of many goddesses, where women are considered as “Maa Kaali” and are worshipped….oohh don’t go with the words, it’s a an irony. Not a single word written above is true. It is only meant to be read by the rest of the world to show our fake fame and culture.

We live at the scariest place where girl is just treated as an object of fun that can be used and thrown away. It is a place where a 1-year old girl is raped by a 40-years old devil. It is a country where people blindly trust a person and make him as their god without even knowing the facts.

We all remember the Nirbhaya case, in which the girl was gang raped and was thrown naked on the road almost dead. The doctors were not able to save her and she got a deadly end. To get justice for her, lakhs of people candle marched on the roads for the girl who was not their sister or daughter or wife, still the people of India left their houses and protested against the government to get the culprits hanged. That incident showed the unity and togetherness of the citizens of the country.

But that is one face of the coin. The other face of the coin is the scariest . Where the citizens are supporting each other against a rapist, in the same country people are protesting against the law to save a rapist. Ram Rahim who is a Saint according to many has been convicted for rape case. His superstitious devotees had made the whole nation on fire. Innocent people are being killed, public property are being destroyed. Not only men, even women are also protecting Ram Rahim. How can they even do that, don’t they feel the pain of the lady who was raped by the devil or they have just blind folded themselves and are just following the evil path showed to them by the devil Ram Rahim.

 He is being given VIP treatment even after being accussed for rape. What a great country we live in, where no one even spoke a word on the death of 60 children due to lack of facilities in the hospital, and here lakhs of people are burning the nation to save a rapist. 

The lady had filed the case against Ram Rahim in the year 2002, but no action was taken at that time. Just think of that lady, she had been fighting for justice for 15 years and finally when the time came, the stupid and superstitious citizens of the country are not allowing the law to do its work.

Police had valid proofs against Ram Rahim, still people are not ready to accept that he is a rapist. This is not the first time that the citizens of India had raised their voice for a wrong cause. When Asaram was convicted fir rape charges, his devotees did the same, burnt the whole nation on fire.

How dumb and inhuman are the people. They are killing innocent people for a rapist. How bullshit is all this. When  you yourself are supporting a rapist then why did all asked justice for Nirbhaya, just because she was not raped by Ram Rahim. How can we ask boys and men to respect women when the women of the country don’t know how to respect themselves. What a shameful act it is that the women are supporting a rapist.

Its high time that the people of our country should open their eyes and see the truth, wash their eyes so that the dirt of fake babas and their superstitious rituals will wash away with water.

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एक अजनबी चेहरा

एक अजनबी चेहरा था तेरा
न जाने क्यों मझे अपना सा लगा।
दूर से देखती थी तो लगता था
क्या राज़ छुपा है इनमे गहरा।
डर लगता था तुम्हारे पास आने में
क्योंकि हिम्मत नहीं थी सच को अपनाने में।
कोई डोर से बंध गयी थी मैं तुमसे
न जाने क्या कशिश थी उन आँखों में।
पास आई तो जाना तुम कोई अनजाने नहीं मेरे अपने ही हो
में ही गलत राह पर थी जिसने देर लगादी थी तुम तक आने में।
तुम जैसे दोस्त पाकर मेरी ज़िंदगी सँवर गयी
एक सुखी कलि थी फूल बनकर खुशबू बिखर गई।
तुम्हारे आने से राह में फूल खिल गए
कांटे सारे सूख गए और हमारे दिल मिल गए।

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Being Casual

You would never realize how suddenly being casual will make you involved in so many literal things that they will become an important part of your life. Being casual simply doesn't mean that you don't realize the importance of other things, but it seems you are not attached enough that if won't affect you if you let them go. But I think the one who looks casual is the one who is more emotional.
You take your thoughts to be casual, you ignore your feelings your emotions, you try to look cool in front of other, but deep inside you know that its not you. You are in a race with yourself to find the real you. You try to be apart from others, being attached but not emotionally, a state of being "detached". You tempt to do this and also succeed for a while, but then everything just comes back. You try to fall apart from it, but it keeps on chasing you. The more you run away from it, the more it comes near to you. You try to resist it by your casual nature, but it keeps on coming to you. It tries to control you completely until it consumes you. Your casual nature then rests in a side and let to go the way it is taking you. You just stay awake to see the path you are going to. You still try to resist somewhat, because there is a feeling of insecurity and self-doubt inside you that should you resist or shouldn't you?

You travel along with it and realize that it had somewhat made you channelized, focus, and you finally accept the acquiescence. It will not leave you, which means its meant to stay.

Your casual attitude will be there somewhere dumped in one corner of your heart and now you will be a changed person. Once an idea will find home in your mind, it will not leave it until it will consume it completely.

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Lipstick Under My Burkha

So is the coverage of body necessary only for girls. I mean seriously just think of those girls who buy costly beauty products and they have to hide it under burkha....well well was just a joke.

Being a girl, I can understand it easily that how difficult it is being restricted for all the things that boys are never told to stop. Its not just with the young girls, it for all girls, ladies and aunties. Like if a lady is widow, then she is not allowed to use any beauty products or even make herself neat and tidy and if she wishes to do so, then she is called with cheap names like slut etc. But why, when someone's wife dies, does the male is told not to get his hairs trimmed or not to do shave, then why all the restrictions with girls.

The only thing that interests people is the type of clothes girls wear. Oh my god, she is wearing shorts, she is a slut..oohh she is wearing jeans, she is not of good character. Is the type of clothes a girl wear are enough to decide her character. And most important, who are others to give their views on a girl’s character, Why can’t people just do their own work, why they always want to interfere in other’s life.

Talking about sex, not the gender, the intimacy that is sex. If your wife is not ready to get intimate with you, then you have no right to force her. It is nothing less than rape if you force yourself on her.

Getting married doesn't mean that you have got a slut with whom you can have rape anytime and that is too "legal rape."

You should love her and not molest her. Touch her with love and not with the aim to just put your dick inside her pussy.

And what about the choice of having children. Is that only concerned with male and not with female. It should be mutual whether they want to have child or not and not just have forcibly sex and make her pregnant each month. Still in our society, if a wife talks to her husband about "condom", she is treated as shameless that how could even she think about something like "condom". How ridiculous is this, you want to have sex with her and do not even want to use protection in it. Its 21st century and still we feel shame talking about condom and sex, but why not to talk. Its a natural process so why to hide it. Atleast you should be free enough to discuss these things with your partner. And if your partner is not enough mature to talk about these things, them its better to leave him as he has no right to rape you every night and to put you in a situation that can ever threaten your life.

It I not just only about the partner, even in our families and everyone else in the society need to understand this that a girl is not meant to be commented upon or to see her just a toy to play with or as a weak person who will do whatever she would be asked to do whether she agrees for it or not.

For God’s sake, please change your views towards girls. Remember, a girl is the only source source who brings a new life to this earth and feed him. Don’t shatter her to the point that she would have to become “KAALI” to kill all the culprits.
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What is love ?

By: Vivek Sk

Taking care of someone with the deepest intentions you can ever have for someone. You keep worrying 😢Fussing about their health and well-being, all the time. You protect them and do everything in your power to save them from anything harmful in their vicinity. 

Basically, the one you love is your 'God'... And in no way you will let anyone hurt her/him, would you? 

You believe in their potential so much that your own potential looks likes a stepping stone for them,An expendable source, in other words. But the most important of all is your will to sacrifice anything and everything for them...

But with love comes the expectations.... After all the good can't exist without the evil. 😈<-> 😇You start expecting that if you are putting in the efforts, if not rewarded , atleast they will notice your effort. (Even if it is for once.)

But when the expectations are not met, they become sour and turn poison ☠ in your head. Suddenly, there is a battle raging on in your mind: B/w the love you have for that person and the expectations that hurt your feelings.... 

I don't know who the hell said that good  😇 always wins because it is wrong....because it's the smartest guy 😏 that takes away the win.

How you choose to respond depends on your nature.... If you are forgiving and kind and most important of all PATIENT, the light side in you (The love), it is able to hold on for an extended period of time, but due to no reciprocation of your efforts, dark side, the hate wins the war. 

If you are a person who has characteristics like being adamant or impatient, the one wanting results instantaneously, the dark side(the hate) wins outright because your persona complements your hate for that person. 

However by some miracle, the person starts to do, what you were expecting from them. They start responding to you in a manner similar to yours. My friend, this is the best case scenario as love will have won the war in your head & never in your lifetime will you find your soul more full of love and affection.

The venom of expectations can be dealt in many ways.

1. Wait it out and counter it with anti-bodies: The continuous exposure to situations like this makes you immune to feelings. The unmet expectations always hurt, but then you already knew that And this keeps on going till you are left insensitive to both the hate or love. You become the epitome of negativity, not caring much about self-confidence or self or anyone else, for that matter. You, in your own eyes are expendable and replaceable, unworthy of having anyone they want to have. This is the lowest anyone can go...

2. Treat it out with anti-venom...The people that matter in your life, convince you in a positive way to remove expectations or tell you good things about the person you are head over heels for, this helps you to confront the hate that keeps swelling up in your mind. But this doesn't end the battle, It just becomes a stalemate. And it heads towards an end, but very slowly and solely depending on the people you are trusting right now... 

3. Take a deep breath and focus in the moment you are living in....and let the person you hold so dear, The one who whom you consider your 'God', let them go. Both from memory and life....This ends the battle outright because the love and the hate for that person is dependent on that person...If you let go of everything related to that person, you defeat both the love for that person as well as hate for the same person with the serenity and peace within you. This way hurts because you have to change your thinking... But it doesn't leave any collateral damage of wasted time or unmet expectations. 

Personally, the 3rd point of view is the toughest to follow, for it requires the power of heart and mind to work together, and many are unable to do so, for they lack what is required. But believe me, if you are able to do it, you will have success in not only in this field, but in every aspect of life. You, my friend, would have understood how to accept reality for what it is. You would have learned to accept defeat, but still have the resources to get up again for round 2.

What else could matter, if you come out of a situation, better and more experienced, than before.
Love in truth makes you a better man, time and time

What's Your Opinion ? 😜😊
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Do you still remember those awkward days in schools during Exams ?

When a bright student tells the invigilator that question 4 has a problem, but you have already answered it...😳😜

When a fellow student asks for a graph paper, but you are finished and did not see anywhere where it was required...😧 😁😁

When the invigilator says jump question 6 we will rectify it later, but it was the question you enjoyed most when answering...😟 😱😲

When you see people busy using rulers and you are wondering what is going on...😣😫😫

When you hear your friends arguing after the exam whether the answer to question 5 was 35.5% or 36.5% and your answer was 1800 😩😏

The cream. When the other students asked for 4-5 additional answer sheets and You had two pages empty in the main answer sheet😨😰😱

See where you have reached in life inspite of those moments...things are not permanent...enjoy life! 😃😃

Only for those who enjoyed their school life😂😂😂

Top 10 Dialogue of teacher
👉 If you are not interested then you may leave the class.
👉 This class is worse than a fish market.
👉 Are you here to waste your parents money?
👉 Tell me when you all have finished talking.
👉 Why are u laughing? Come here n tell us we'll also laugh.
👉 Do you think teachers are fools to teach you?
👉 Don't try to act oversmart with me.
👉 Why do u come to school when you don't want to study.
👉 The previous batch was 100 times better than yours.
👉 If you want to talk then u may get out from the class.

And the best one
👉 You yes you... I am talking to you only, don't look back.. 😄😄
I'm sure that the last line made all of you remember and smile .
This was our school days.
The best part was that we used to have the most innocent face to show at that point..😂😂
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The Ruthless Time

We come in this world at a scheduled time,
We go from the world at a scheduled time,
In between this, everything is not fine,
What a ruthless time.

No time for near ones,
No time for dear ones,
Everyone is just running behind a fake shine,
What a ruthless time.

One day everything will stop,
Me and my soul will be cropped,
That day you will be mine,
What a ruthless time.

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G for Gitano...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
one is ready to hold on, the other thinks its being hired,
both travel together on the same road,
but the distance between them is too broad...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
one was too busy to listen when the other cried,
both are willing to be with each other,
none of both knows what time is coming further...

Two hearts are travelling, both tired,
having a dream to be always connected with a wire,
the wire is not based on conditions,
its just full of emotions...

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Law Of Infinity

Physics taught the "Law Of Infinity", which says when infinity is reciprocated, it become zero.

Nowadays, humans are implementing this law on each other. When you give your infinity to a person, he reciprocates it to zero.

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F For Fall

Falling is a nature's process. The word fall in itself seems to give negative vibes as something is depreciating but the fact is that the fall of apple had been the reason of the discovery of gravitational force. When the water tides rise high, its a signal of danger and everyone is warned not to go near it but when it falls, it is cool, calm and silent and we enjoy playing with it. Its just how we see the things, its how our perceptions are.
We can't have stars shining in light, they can shine only in darkness and we all love to see them twinkling. Darkness is considered to be the fall of light and positive energy as the evil souls are considered to be more powerful in the dark. But light is followed by darkness only. Like coin have two faces and each face has its own importance and significance, in the same way rise and fall are the two faces of a coin. The one complements the other. The real taste of food would only be felt who is having hunger of it. The harder is the fall, the stronger is the rise. It is the work of destiny because its human nature not to have the true value rise unless they will have the taste of fall.

I taste rise, I taste fall,

I make mistakes, I correct them,

I hurt others, I make them happy as well,

I live, I learn,
I'm hurt, I'm happy,

I'm not perfect, I'ma simple human.

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The Endless Roads

Life is a journey which we all are traversing. The journey starts from life and no one knows where it ends. Some say death is the ultimate end of the journey of life, but how can we so sure since none of us know exactly where do we go when our soul leaves our body. Might be after death we have another journey in some other world. It clearly specifies that we all are mere travellers having no destination point to reach.

We meet many co-travellers in this journey. Some start to walk with us on the road we are travelling and some walk on the parallel road in such a way that they are walking beside each other but will never meet and will keep on walking in this way. There is gap of understanding and emotions between their parallel roads that is wide enough which do not allow them to be on the same road.

And in a way its good also. If all will start walking on the same road, then it will cause huge traffic and the journey will be delayed and its also possible that some might loose their patience and will stop to travel forward. Those walking on the same road seems to be very friendly as if they will reach to their destined end together, but as soon as they will find someone more friendly than you, they will leave your hand and will hold theirs. Very few keep holding the same hand in their entire journey no matter how many obstacles comes on the road.

Life is a journey, not a destination. So, keep enjoying this beautiful journey.
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The Missing Rib..Hold Carefully

In the bible, it is written that one day God saw that Adam was lonely. To bring someone special in his life, during his sleep, God took one of Adam's rib and created Eve. This is how Adam met Eve and loved each other unconditionally.
We all are also in search of our missing ribs. Only once we find that one who is having our missing rib, we do not feel any ache from then and life is full of happiness.

I will share a story that I read. It was story of a boy and girl. One day, the girl asked the boy whom he loved the most. Boy replied, "Of course, its you". The boy and the girl got married and started their happy life. Their life was full of love, care and romance. The boy realized that the girl was his missing rib and he had found her.
But with passing time and their busy schedule, they were not able to spend much time with each other. Misunderstandings and quarrel had  taken the place of love and romance. It grew so much that one day the girl decided to leave the house. Standing at the opposite side of the road, she said, "You don't love me". The boy shouted, "It was a mistake of us to be together. Maybe you were not my missing rib."

The girl stand quiet on the other side of the road. The boy realized that he had said the wrong thing, but words spoken once can't be taken back. The girl went home with tears and packed her back to break up with him. She said, "If I am not your missing rib, then let me go. It will be easier in this way. We should go on our separate paths to find our true missing ribs."

They separated and left each other. Both of them didn't remarried. The boy started smoking. He lit his cigarette and sat on a chair. He realized that there was some ache in his chest like something is missing. He realized that he was missing her.

After some years they met. They had a formal talk like how are you, did you married someone etc. both found that they were still waiting for each other. The boy asked for her number to call her. She gave the number and left for the flight she had to take.

The next day the boy got the news that she was dead. The plane by which she was travelling had crashed.

Once again he was all lonely. Sitting on the chair and litting the cigarette, he realized that she was her missing rib, which he himself had broken carelessly.

This happens with every one of us. Some are in our control, some are not. Just treasure everything you have. Tomorrow is unpredictable and may not even come. So value what you have today and live it to the fullest.

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Coolest way to Restore your Energy, Chi

This is what i find on Wikipedia......
In traditional Chinese culture, qì or ch'i is believed to be an active principle forming part of any living thing. Chi literally translates as "breath", "air", or "gas", and figuratively as "material energy", "life force", or "energy flow".Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts.

I am sharing this video today as i find it quite interesting, if you see this video and do exactly the same , you will feel relief in the end. Don't ever think that you will gain much energy after that but i am sure you will get that positive feeling so that you can make that faith on yourself again to do that work easily.

If you see closely, it is just the another form of yoga where we are relaxing our mind and trying to exchange the energy from this infinite source of energy i.e. environment.
It is the emotional integration and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imagination.”

Well we can write as much as i can, but you should try it once and let me know , how do you feel ?

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Patience Pays...

Life is full of uncertainties. We all have anxieties, curiosities, desire , confidence and many more. But one thing that is uncommon among us is "patience". Patience is the art of waiting with difficulties. Patience is everyone's cup of tea, we just have to make it more tastier. When a person tells himself or to someone other that "everything will be fine" or "things will be better soon", it means that the person has the patience to wait for the results rather than going anxious about it. Sometimes we do any things out of our curiosity that after while we regret about those moments.

Frustration results in being impatient.Being patient is very difficult at times. It doesn't grows suddenly, but is learned and earned slowly. Patience should not be mixed with laziness. Patience isn't dullness or coolness, but is power. Patience is a form of commiseration. When a person undergoes time in bad situations, then he should just not sit and wait for a miracle to happen, instead he should perform his duty and then wait patiently for the result. To frustrate means to become unsuccessful. When frustration comes, it reduces the ability to have patience.

Let's listen to a story:
Once a king declared that I am searching for my chief assistant. He announced that whosoever wants the post have to fill pond's water into a pot.But the twist was that the pot had a hole in it. Many people tried but left in a single try. Some even claimed that the king had already selected someone else. But there was one man who kept on trying. Every time he filled the pot and brought it to the king, it emptied due to the hole. But he didn't loose the hope. He tried uncountable number of times. At last, the pond was empty. At its surface, a diamond was shining. The man picked it up and brought it to the king. The king said," This is the reward for your patience and hard work. You are selected as my Chief assistant." So it was confirmed that patience pays.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is the sweetest.The secret behind being patience is to do something else in the meanwhile and having faith in God. Just because something isn't happening to you doesn't mean that it won't happen ever. No thing is suddenly created. it takes time for the things to grow and give fruits. To learn to have patience, you must first have lots of patience. A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret. God has perfect timing for everything,neither too early nor too late. We must have enough faith and patience to wait and should go on doing hard work.

There will be days where you feel better, there will be days where you want to die.Both are okay.There is no magical cure.You just need to close your eyes and trust that the waves will pass,and soon you will be able to breathe again.
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E for Emotions

Who we all are,
Mere sculptures of mercy.
What we have
A heart full of emotions.
Some are emotional fools,
Others are emotionally cool.
Some are like me over-emotional,
Some are Demotional.
What we all share are emotions,
This is the way our lives are in motion.
I know its not a rhyme,
But its definitely state of my mind.
Emotional people always get hurt,
Not because they are fool but because they care too much.
The darker side is not seen by everyone,
Its somehow also not hidden from none.
I try to search the darker part in me,
Sometimes I see it in my thoughts and sometimes its completely me.
Too much thinking causes grief,
Its not anyone's mistake, that I didn't find relief.
Being emotional sometimes make me feel sad,
But the truth is I am not mad.

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Why We Need A Day Like 14th June

It has been centuries now, we all are very much aware about the problem of child begging in our society and our country. Its not like that someone has to tell us about this, because now it has become a part of our daily lives in such a way that we daily come across many child beggars, we see them, for a minute or two think about their poor condition and then move to our path and not for a minute the thought comes to our mind to do something for the betterment of these child beggars.

The condition of child beggars is worst than what you can imagine in our worst imagination. Child beggars are guided to beg the way they do, and by giving them coins we are not helping them but are destroying their present and future. According to the Indian National Human Rights Commission, upto 40,000 children are abducted every year in India, out of which approximately 1100 remain untraced. But do you really think that this report is true? Not at all, these are just numbers, the condition of these children can't be mounted into numbers.

Street children are regularly inflicted with wounds so that they with get more money out of sympathy. The kind-hearted men and women often don't know that the money they give isn't used to buy food, medicine, or access to education, but alcohol and drugs, and also given to their traffickers.

They are, according to accounts of rescued children, given daily targets for their begging trips. Drugs are also used to keep children sedated - it is common to see women pretending to be mothers, with a 'sleeping' child - the child is usually drugged into submission. It is also not rare to hear of cases where babies 'rent' babies from labour class mothers, to make them much more pitiable to passerby.
Shockingly, Mumbai Police found that many parents in Mumbai are able to live comfortable lives simply by pushing their children into begging. They use the facilities offered by the government for the Right to Education Act while forcing their children to not attend classes. Even when sent to shelters by the Child Welfare Commission (CWC), parents would come to the shelters to retrieve their children, and push them back into begging.

Duayen Foundation has taken an initiative to make India begging free. The have marked a day 14th June as a target to make India child-begging free.

What would be done on 14th June:

We would go to the nearby traffic signals having the posters of child-begging free India in our hands and will do silent protest, so that each vehicle crossing that traffic signal will atleast look once on the poster and will think and may be will pass the message to other's also.

Can we awake the people with our shout this time ?????? come stand as "WE" ?? are you gonna make a difference to this evil society ??? a like - WE WILL and a comment - WE LL ALSO AWARE MORE AND MORE PEOPLE TO SAVE THE GIRL CHILD ! NAARI SHAKTI KO NAMAN ! JAI HIND.

Our will power and unity can transform child beggars into Superheroes of this Earth.
I think now its high time to write posts and notes, its the time now to stand up for these children and be their voice.

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Advance Management System

AMS is designed for the purpose of solving issues in management of Coaching Institutes.

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Some facts that should be common knowledge

Any knowledge that is accepted by most of the people as true and is not needed to be rechecked for its authenticity is known as common knowledge. But to our surprise, most of the facts are not very common among the people.

1. People usually believe that the term “third world country” is linked with poverty. But the truth is that it simply refers to countries that did not align with either the US bloc or the Soviet block after WW2. We usually consider “Third World” as the countries associated with poverty-stricken. The countries aligned with the US bloc were called First World while the countries with Russian block were called Second bloc. The term Third World includes communist countries like North Korea, very rich ones like Saudi Arabia and very poor countries like Mali. Thus, Third World countries are those who did not align either with the US bloc or the Soviet bloc after world War II.

2. If the sun or somebody’s high beams are blinding you from behind then you can switch your rear view mirror to “night mode”. While driving at night, our vision gets blurred by the high beams of the light coming from a vehicle behind us. It can also happen during the day time due to the sun’s glare. To avoid this, we can switch our rear view mirror in night mode. There is a little tab under the rear view mirror in your car. A ghost image will appear which will reduce the glare.

3. A close look at your keyboard will reveal bumps on the keys ‘F’ and ‘J’. They are there so that you know where to put your fingers without looking down. When using keyboard, the fingers of our left hand resides on the keys A,S,D and F and the fingers of the right hand on the keys J,K,L and colon. To guide the fingers in the correct position, there are two bumps on the keys F and J. This helps the user to place his fingers in the optimum trying position.

4. Plugging earbuds/headphones іn the microphone jack will make them function as microphones. Internal structure of microphone and a speaker is same. If you will connect the headphones into a microphone jack and speak into it, the diaphragm of the driver of the headphones is moved by the molecules of the air that makes up a sound wave. So, next time just plug in your headphones in the microphone jack and use it as a microphone.

5. Deodorants and antiperspirants are completely different. Deodorants should be used by those who hardly sweat or stink. Antiperspirants are best for those who sweat a lot and aren’t able to reapply again and again in a day. Deodrants and antiperspirants should not be confused to be same. Deodrants tackle body odor. Hence, people who hardly sweat or stink should stick with deodrants. The people who sweat a lot should use antiperspirants as it prevents sweat by blocking the ducts which releases sweat.

6. Human resources are there to protect the company, not the employee. HR will not protect an employee if he/she is in conflict with someone else who is not from the company. Whenever some problem or misunderstanding arises between the members of a team, the HR department has to intervene in between to solve the issue. People think that it is for their benefit. But that’s not always true. The main motive of the HR department is to go benefits for the company rather than focussing on the benefits of the people. Sometimes HR advocates employees against bad managers. But most at the other times, what’s best for the employer will not be what’s best for the employee.

7. Aspirin can help save people during heart attacks. But in order for the aspirin to help save your life during a heart attack, you need to chew it instead of swallowing. Aspirin can be an emergency remedy for heart attack. It inhibits platelets into the blood stream of the patient thus removing the blockage in the artery. During heart attack, its est to chew an aspirin of 325 mg quickly.

8. Feeding bread to ducks can harm them. Also, cats should not be fed dairy products as it may cause diarrhea. Feeding ducks seems to be a wonderful activity when we are in a park. It has been found that in England, people feed six million loaves of bread to ducks every year. But it is adviced not to feed ducks with bread because white bread contains no nutritional value and is full of calories. Same is with feeding milk to cats. Feeding milk to cats is doing more harm than good. It causes upset tummies, cramps and diarrhea in cats. Mother’s milk is best for them and you must provide them with fresh and clean water to hydrate themselves.

9. CPR do not wake up a patient immediately as shown in movies. Rather it simply allows blood and oxygen to continue circulation, keeping the person alive until EMTs arrive. Its shown in movies that when chest is pushed after a person receives a cardiac attack, immediately he breathes with a sudden jerk and his life is saved. This is not a magic but a technique known as CPR, i.e, cardiopulmonary resuscitation. People does not magically jump to life when CPR is performed on them. Rather it allows continuous circulation of blood and oxygen in the patient’s body and brain until the paramedics arrive at the scene.
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D for Defiance

Defiance literally means open resistance or bold disobedience. We always face defiance between our head and our heart. Its like when we try to listen to our head, then we face resistance from our heart and vice versa. A very common question in which our head and our heart resists one another is "whether the hen came first or the egg?"
Our head and heart are constantly at a war on many things. The defiance of head and heart is an issue that has no permanent solution. Every time we try to choose between head or heart, we feel helplessness and cry over the war between our head and heart. Both are integral parts of our body, we cannot deny one and listen to the other. If we choose our heart, we have the fear to loose the practicality of mind. If we listen to the mind, then we have the fear to loose our sentiments of love. Either way, we are constantly in a crucified situation by the fear of making wrong decision. The world changes constantly, it our mood that restricts us with the changing world.

what I know vs what I feel

A great defiance is felt when we try to convince our head with something that our heart knows is a lie. Its the human nature that keeps on complaining. Its only human nature to run away from resisting the things we cannot change. 

But how long will this defiance keep on running when there will be no place to stop the resistance?

You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you have to dare to jump.
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A mother is a one for whom there is no adjective in the world that can express our gratitude or love towards her. A woman who works 24*7 without any holiday or without any salary, dedicates herself completely to her family and children and does not expects anything in return. Whenever we are in any trouble or we need money or we need to search our clothes or we are sick, only one words comes to our mind and mouth and that is "maa", because we know that there is no one in this world who loves us the way our mother does.

When a child is born, the reason of him or her being able to open his or her eyes in this world is a mother. She holds the little fingers of her child and makes him to learn how to keep his first step on earth. She is always there by her child's side whatever may be the situation.

I don't find any word that would express my affection and love for you mamma, it can only be felt and I will always make you feel that in every possible way. My thankfulness to you is beyond words, so I would just say, "you are the reason of my happiness. No one can be like you." "And this is true for all the mothers.
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#We live in times that test our sanity;
#We love in times that drains our humanity;
#We work for the process of making money;
#For many think that's the only thing that makes their day sunny;

#But there are those not so fortunate;
#The one's that get stuck in the game of fate;
#These are the people treated as dirt & crap;
#And to top it, some unworthy give them ludicrous ways to escape this trap;

#They are made to beg for a 1-square meal;
#No one even cares or wonders how they feel;
#Inspite of all, they are called the 'society's disgrace' ;
#I can't even start imagining how many difficulties they actually face;

#It is up to us to free our kin;
#Not doing so, just adds up in our list of sin;
#We need to protect them from the predators;
#For these are the people that can be called 'humanity's traitors' ;

#Let's unite against this just cause;
#Let's give these people's suffering an indefinite pause;
#Let's give our movement the shield's shape;
#If we muster enough support, we will be worthy of donning on the superman's cape;

Let's make a #BeggingFreeDelhi #OneGoOneImpact

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Half Girlfriend

A relation is something in which two or more people are connected, either physically, mentally or emotionally. The relationship of lovers can be as beautiful as the most beautiful dream someone can ever see or can be as worst as no one would ever want to imagine.

I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

I am in a relationship where there is immense care from both sides. The one whom I love the most cares for me alot and likes me too. But as said, there is a huge difference between the two very sweet words, "like" and "love". He likes me but doesn't loves me. He believes that the care he does for me is his love for me. The bond of friendship that we both share is far more lovable than any relationship. We started from friendship and steadily I realized that he is the one for whom my heart beats. I proposed him, but he didn't said anything at that time, neither yes nor no. I also didn't asked him for his answer and our unique relationship started. Sometimes I think, "is it really a relationship?", or its just one sided because he never accepts me as his girlfriend, he has never said me " I Love You", others would think that I am crazy since these three words are the basis of any relationship and he has never said me those, but still I love him, I can't imagine my life without him.
He says I am more than I friend but not his girlfriend. He is yet not ready to give me commitment, but promises that he would never leave me alone, he will always be there by my side. What he says that I am not his girlfriend but his "half-girlfriend", the girl who performs the role of a friend whenever she is in public and performs the role of a girlfriend when she is alone with the guy, but the girl, i.e. me, is not lucky enough that the one whom I love proudly says everyone that she is the girl of my life, she is my girlfriend and not half-girlfriend.

The word half-girlfriend sometimes pinches me and I feel as if I am playing some role and the rest part would be played by someone else as I am performing half of it. But none of these things hampers my love for him. I love him from the depth of my heart, whether he accepts it or not, whether he calls me his half-girlfriend or just a friend, whether he loves me or not, I love him and will always love him because I can never love someone else.

Sometimes I really think that I have forced him to accept me and he didn't wanted to do so. Sometimes I think that "Do I really deserve to be only his half-girlfriend?" My love for him is not bounded by these words bf-gf or half-girlfriend, each day my love for him is becoming more deep. I use to tell myself and sometimes him also that my love is enough for both of us. He may consider me as his half-girlfriend or our relationship as half-relationship, but its more sweet and unique than any other relationship in this world. I love you.

And Yes, I won the Contest.

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C for Cage

Have you ever felt yourself being locked in a cage, where your each breath is controlled by someone else and be stopped at any time if you raise voice against it? Those you knew this pain will never want it to be faced by anyone else.

Cage is not only physical cage where one can be locked inside, its also inside our mind that has captured all our positivity and has filled us with negativity. The day when the cage becomes so thick that there is no space for any positive energy to let come in, its better either to open the cage with all the effort you have or to just die, because its better to die rather to live in a cage.

We humans lock the free birds in cage just to see it daily and admire her beauty and to be happy. You loved the sweet chirping song of the bird and so you locked it in a cage so that you can listen it from near to you. But the truth is you can lock a bird in a cage, but not her desires.

God loved birds, so he created trees. Man loved birds, so he created cages.

Its human nature, whatever we like, we want it to near to us at any cost, without trying to understand whether that thing or that person really wants to be us or not. We just try to make a cage around that person so that only we have the ownership of him or her and no one else is allowed to be near to him or her. We will ensure all the comforts in your cage for the one whom you never want to loose, but we forget the fact that a cage is a cage, even if its a gold cage.

You can put someone in a cage, but can't expect him or her to sing for you.

Each one on this earth has its own space, which neither should be devised in a cage nor should be regarded as extending to infinity. Many of us all through our life are blind folded, trapped inside a cage. Its the cage which our own negative energy has created around us and is trapping us day by day more strongly and deeply. Go on again, gather all your positive energy and just break the cage with all your efforts and fly like a free bird. Get yourself out of whatever cage you find yourself in.

Why you stay in prison, when the door is so widely open?

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Child Begging- A Bane

The Constitution of India had made many laws all for the welfare of its citizens. The main focus has been put on children and women. If all the laws would have been implemented in the correct way, then India would have been a heaven on earth.

But is that true? Are all the laws that have been made, have been implemented?

Child begging is the most crucial threat, that we are just knowing and think about those children who are living with this truth that they are "child beggars". We can't even imagine that pain and difficulties these children face in their childhood. Childhood which is the most beautiful and memorable phase of one's life, the child beggars are scratched far away from this happiness.

The main causes of child begging are poverty which leads the adults to force children for begging, orphaned and abandoned children are kidnapped and forced to beg, not having the awareness of the fundamental rights of children, organized gangs/mafias kidnap and sell children and their body parts and the saddest part is that the government had failed to implement the policies for the welfare of these children.

Their hands are meant to make sandcastles and not to beg on streets.

By official statistics 60,000 children disappear every year and upto an estimation, there are 3,00,000 child beggars in India. In spite of a number of policies, the government has failed due to lack of political will.

Now its our turn to stand together for these children as they deserve to spend their childhood by learning and not earning. #OneGoOneImpact is an initiative of #DuayeinFoundation, that only aims to give these children their lives back and wants to fill happiness on their faces. Support Duayein Foundation in making Delhi Begging Free, just think for once, how would you have felt if the child begging on the street would have been yours. Then might be you will be able to understand their pain.

Come join and motivate others to stand together to make Delhi Begging Free #OneGoOneImpact.

Show a child love and care, child begging is not at all fair.
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One Bottle, One Message

What a different the world would have been, if anything we want to say to anybody and we can just write down it on a paper and just throw it in a sea and the bottle reaches to the person it was intended to be. The bottle would travel miles of distance and with a hope that it will finally reach to the one for whom the message was written purely by heart.

Life is like a little message in a bottle,
Drifted by winds and tides,
Our emotions travel along the shores,
No one knows how far and wide.

Peace is always beautiful,
Words describe the purity,
Messages contain the reality,
That are washed away by salinity.

Some day it will reach its destination,
It will be a new place or a new nation,
Message will be always there,
With the hpe someone will find it and come here.
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