Mmmmmm...I don't know exactly what i am going to write about. It is just I have heard my friend's view about I want to share it with you all...
So the story starts like this......I am talking about the age of Romio-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha , Mirzaya-Sahiban who dared to love. So what was love for them..was that about only attraction 

Childhood Myths in Punjabi's

AS i am from Punjabi's Family, i heard these types of things daily in my life, they are funny and awesome so i think i should share with all of you :-)

  • My mummy used to say me that if you will bite your nails by your teeth, then some bad luck will definitely happen to you.

नासमझ लोग

पहले मैं सोचता था 'क्या लिखूँ'?
फिर ख़्याल आने लगा कि क्यों लिखूँ? किसके लिए?
तुम्हारे लिए?
तुम समझ जाओगे?
तुम्हे पता भी है कि किसी लिखाई में समझना क्या होता है? अरे तुम आज के ज़माने के लोग हिंदी के शब्दों के मतलब समझ जाओ न, ये ही बहुत होगा।
पर एक बात बताऊँ?
एक लेखक शब्द नहीं लिखता, वो जज़्बात पिरोता है स्याही के धागे में.. हाह! जज़्बात, तुम क्या समझो जज़्बात क्या होते हैं| गलती भी तो मेरी ही है जो मैं पत्थर में इंसान ढूँढने लगा था| साला, तुम लोगों को जज़्बात समझ क्यों नही आते? इतना मुश्किल तो नहीं है इनको समझना!!

Funny Myths about Masturbation

When I was in school I heard the most funniest myths of my life and at that time they felt so real that I cant even explain. Masturbation itself was a myth in school, everyone denied doing it in public but with the friends they showed that they are only one who knows how to do it ;-) ('act as a king'). Along with it came the myths and for every myth you heard made you re-think about your night before :P , and left you in terror o-) for the rest of the day. I compiled some of these myths about masturbation, all of them are pretty shitty and made my life hell. Take a look.

    • If you do it, you will never grow taller - But today's generation is already born short, lol


    When People Ask You What Will You Do In Your Life, Lazy People Like Me Always Say "I Will Do Something One Day". But Think Little About It What Is That 'Something',