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K For Know Yourself

Who am I?
Did I know myself?
Do you know yourself?
The answer is no
We all are just faking ourselves in front of others
We all pretend to be the one that we are not
But whats good in that?
To get being loved for the one you are not is what you want?
Or to be liked truly for what you really are?
We all are fighting with our-self to "know oneself"
Some get to know them-self at very early stage of their life
Some could not know themselves in their entire life
We are all here to "know the real us"
Lets watch who "knows" first.

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J for Just Once

Just for once
Make me feel that
You need me,
Not just for today or tomorrow
But for everyday,
Not just when you are alone
But even when you are surrounded by your friends,
Not when you are hit
But also when you want to calmly sit,
Not only when you are fighting with your inferiorities
But also when you are strong with your superiorities,
I will always be there for you whenever you need me
Bcz my frndshp and love is beyond the needs.

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I for Insight

Everyone expects me to have a good insight
Insight of everything and anything
But no one looks inside me to see my pain
It is just becoming more and more day by day
No one is bothered about my emotions
No one sees my eyes ocean
Yes I do over-thinking
Since no one cares that I am sinking
They just want me to be accurate and understanding
I am doing the same hiding my scars
As everyone is just ready to put salt on them
People say sorry and think that its fine
Yaa thats great as none of you is mine

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Little difference is between saying bye and good-bye
Changes the whole of your sky,
I will always remember the time spent with you
Time went on moving and so were you,
We used to laugh loud and shout
We will ever be apart no one had this doubt,
Goodbyes are never so long
And they remain always in our heart like a beautiful song,
The moments of joy and the moments of cry
Will now be a forever spy,
I will be no more there to listen to your songs
As you will be busy singing them with someone along,
With who will I share all my feelings
As for you my feelings were just a dealing,
I wishes to give fragrance in your life
You found someone else as to fit in your profile,
I was trying to be the fire for you in the coolest of the winters
But you found your warmth in someone's else grip,
I promise to be there when you need me
But won't force you now to please me,
I am saying you my last bye
I just wished you would have stopped me to say you GOOD-BYE...

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H For Heaven

The address of God is Heaven
Everyone wants to visit there
But no one wants to die
Is there any other way to reach so high?
No one has been there and came back
We all just create stories and put it in sack
What is heaven what is hell
Both are just in our mind’s shell
We can create heaven anywhere
Just by spreading happiness there
God resides where people give and take smile

And make everyone to get free from their exile.
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